Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Holy Trinity College Mural

Hello to Everyone working on the Holy Trinity College Mural in Hong Kong:

The mural pictures of the students working on the mural that Elizabeth posted show the true spirit of kids having a great time expressing their creative talents. I am sure that the mural that they create together will give them a stong sense of pride for years to come.

I am looking forward to seeing the mural for myself when I come to Hong Kong to start work in September. I am also looking forward to dining at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. If I am lucky I will remember how to order in Cantonese! I have been practicing simple phrases in Cantonese, but I am still slow at remembering what to say when. I think that Cantonese is a very difficult language to learn, but a colorful one to try and listen to. I envy Kong for being able to speak and write both in Chinese and English. Cantonese is his mother tongue.

Cheers to all - Martie

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