Tuesday, May 15, 2007


To all who will be part of this online community interested in murals in particular and art in general you are all welcome.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the founders of Hong Kong Mural Society, Artists Kong Ho and Martie Geiger-Ho, for their inspiring vision in promoting mural art here in Hong Kong and also all other artists involved, like Johnny Lee and Irene Leung to name a few, in the society's numerous projects all these years.

In the age where digital technology makes it so easy to design and enlarge images as wall stickers, the importance of painted murals or even mosaics and ceramic murals, to name a few, are given less priority when time and budgetary considerations become the common concerns of sponsors or clients.Regardless of this reality in a fast-paced society, still there are those who see the value of painted or produced murals and recognize the soul of art behind the process of painting or preparing the mosaic. Every brush strokes when painting and the feel in squeezing the airbrush in airbrush painting...every step in selecting elements for a mosaic...and even the more meticulous process of molding and firing ceramic tiles for murals that require patience are all indispensable and exciting experiences.

With this weblog we hope that a more vibrant direction in mural art shall continue not only here in Hong Kong, where the base of Hong Kong Mural Society is, but also elsewhere.

We also would like to thank Artist Elizabeth Briel for starting this weblog.

Happy sharing and happy reading...

Joel Ferraris

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